Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fireworks and Houseparty are coming soon!

If you are reading this regularly sorry I missed a week. I was busy and am reworking my timetable slightly to make better use of my time. The last couple of weeks have been ok. As usual the best bits have been spending time with students. Since I last wrote I've been to SLOBS (Small group Leaders Own Bible Study) a couple of times which has been good to be studying the bible with Steve and two students who are leading the small group. I've also been enjoying just getting to know students better. Chatting in starbucks or the pub is so much fun.

Study has also been particularly good recently. I've been studying God's sovereignty. It has been great to be reminded that God is good and in control! My mini talk thing for TEAM went quite well in the end even if I did leave it to the last minute which I am not going to do again! too stressful!

Coming up this week is lots of exciting stuff. On Thursday its the firework display on Midsummers common so no CU meeting because we are meeting up to go to the fireworks together and hopefully the students will bring friends too. And then on Friday its the CU Houseparty (weekend away) at a place called Greenhedges in Sheringham. I'm hoping and praying it will be a really good time to get to know the students better and finally figure out who I'm going to do my second one-to-one with.

I'm going to my first church cluster tonight. Clusters are basically a group of 2 or 3 small groups that meet together every other week with small groups meeting the on the weeks in between. I'm hoping that I'll have a good time and get to know more people in church through it. Think thats pretty much all I have to say for now so to summarize Relay is good but challenging!