Monday, 19 October 2009

Back at work after a great weekend!

I'm now back at work after an amazing weekend in brum seeing lots of friends. I loved seeing people and there were definatelty times when it didn't feel like I'd been away for two months! A nice bonus to seeing friends was Jenson Button finally becoming F1 world Champion!

Last week was ok. Had to do my first study response which was less fun but I'm still loving being a Relay worker. It was good to see people at our team day the other week. The main CU meetings on Thursday night are still going well and numbers are still good which is really encouraging. Had our first book club meeting on friday which was pretty good. We had 2 students come in addition to me and the 2 girls organising it.

This week I'm hopefully starting my first proper one-to-one with one of the girls. Just need to finalise time and place! Should be good. Also need to figure out who else to do a one-to-one with. All the usual stuff happening this week plus at TEAM this week I've got to do a five min mini talk thingy explaining a passage in Ephesians so need to actually do that before Wednesday! Got my first SLOBS (Small group Leaders Own Bible Study) this week too. This is helping the two small group leaders prepare for the small group they'll be leading on Wednesday lunchtimes I think.

Since the last time I posted I've made up my mind about church, which I'm pleased about.
My new church is similar in style to my church in brum but a bit smaller so there are less students there and at the moment I think all the students are Cambridge rather than ARU students. Looking forward to sticking around and getting to know people there. Need to get my act together and sign up for a cluster/small group though!