Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fireworks, Houseparty and Essay writing!

I really enjoyed the fireworks although it was slightly strange not being in brum and being back at a reasonable time because the firework display was much earlier than the vale fireworks! As usual I enjoyed spending time with the students.

Houseparty was great. Lots of fun, quality teaching on Ephesians and not much sleep thanks to an excessive amount of mafia playing! I really enjoyed getting to know the the students that came better.

Been a slightly odd week so far with having Monday off and having supervision tomorrow because on Friday I'm meeting up with the other two East Central Relay Workers to spend time together and pray. I'm looking forward to that and then i'm going to visit brum again :) can't wait.

Also this week i'm trying to write an essay about God's sovereignty. The title is 'If God is Sovereign and the world is like it is, he is not good - discuss' and the word limit is 1500. Making a start on it yesterday reminded me how much I don't like writing essays even if its an interesting topic because I'm not very good with words.

Oh yeah my church cluster last week went well although it is kind of hard when there are a lot of people who all seem to know each other. I'll be going back next week and should be joining one of the homegroups soon.

One more thing then I think thats everything for now. I'm still enjoying TEAM and learning a lot although next week I'm doing another mini talky thing, this time on Hosea, which I'm not looking forward to. I know it will be fine though.