Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it interesting! The current idea is to use this space to keep you up to date withwhat I'm up to with Relay to make it easier for you to pray for me in a more informed way. And so I can share anything else I feel like! I'm aiming to write weekly but we'll see how that works out! If you're not getting my actual (most likely termly) prayer letters and want them just ask.

I am now officially a Relay worker! I've been to my first training conferences where I had a great time learning about God's grace and getting to know other Relay workers and some of the staff workers and students I'll be working with this year. We also had plenty of practical training so it was great preparation for the year ahead.

At the moment I'm in Derby getting ready to move to Cambridge on Monday. Part of me is excited and looking forward to getting started properly but I'm also pretty scared about moving somewhere new. But before that I have an early start to get to my team days in Cambridge this thursday and friday. As far as I know the team days will involve all of us East Central relays and staff meeting up to get to know each other better, pray and do some sort of bible study and or training. I'll have a much better idea after I've been!

The day I arrive in Cambridge is the start of Freshers week so I'll be getting stuck in straight away! Think thats everything for now!