Monday, 28 September 2009

I love my new CU

Last week was generally pretty good. It was great to have a more normal week hanging out with students and studying. I'm learning that working to a timesheet rather than deadlines (like when I was a student) is very different! I'm loving being able to take time off at the weekend without feeling guilty about not doing work! Starting work at 9am everyday can be less fun, no lie ins if you can't be bothered to get out of bed and making the time up later in the day!

The highlight of the week was definately the first CU meeting. It was really encouraging to see so many new people there (25-30 people there and over half were new!) and be able to get to know some of them better hanging out in the pub after the meeting. Last week it was also a bit of a novelty to go to my first ever exec meeting! I'm not actually on exec cos I'm not a student but the exec have invited me to come when I can so I can give advice if its needed and so i know more about whats going on which will make it easier for me to support the CU. I'm just loving getting to know the students better.

Tonight I'm going to the Internaional Cafe (I Cafe for short) for the first time which I'm kinda nervous about. This week I'm also going to my second exec meeting, second CU meeting (exciting), doing more study, writing my first monthly report (not so exciting), more getting to know students and I'm meeting up with a couple of the girls on exec to talk about setting up a girls book club to read Christian books (also very exciting).

I went to another two churches this sunday but still not feeling particularly close to making a decision on where I want to settle. Other than not having a church here I'm feeling a bit more settled and generally not missing brum quite so much. Think thats everything for now. I might get round to telling you about some of the cool stuff I'm studying another time but I've probably written enough for now! I'll just say that I really enjoyed looking at the Trintiy again this week and God is awesome!