Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My third and final term has really begun!

Work wise things haven't been that busy. Just trying to get back into the swing of things and working out how I can best support the students when they are busy and stressed so don't have much spare time. The summer houseparty they had begun planning is not happening anymore because the speaker fell through and people didn't seem to want to go away that close to exams. Hopefully the picnic day out in the sun type thing will happen instead and everybody will have a great time.

TEAM has started again after the Easter break. It was good to see people and get stuck into learning more about God. Today was pretty heavy going because we were looking at the Trinity the attributes of God and the Holy Spirit. all good stuff though!

Outside of work things have been much busier. I had a great time at Matt and Hannah's wedding in Birmingham last weekend and on Tuesday I was back in Birmingham for a job interview for a health records clerk job. I think it went ok and I'll know by the end of Friday if I got the job. This weekend I'm going to Bristol to see uni friends. After that things should get quieter!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

NWA and things

I'm finally back in Cambridge after 3 weeks away. I had two reasonably relaxing weeks at home chilling out and looking for jobs followed by one week stewarding at New Word Alive (NWA for short). I had a great time at NWA catching up with friends and making new ones. Stewarding is definitely good fun when you are working with some great people, it is sunny for the whole week and you don't have to do any after hours stuff! I was based in the Great Marquee for most of the week so got to hear nearly all the bible readings from 1 Thessalonians and be at all apart from one of the evening celebrations. I think my highlight of the week was being amazed by God's grace at the final student celebration. I also really enjoyed hearing Rebecca Manley Pippert speak about evangelism. It was really encouraging to hear some of her amazing stories and advice.

I've now started my final term of Relay at ARU and because of the way things work here with semesters and exams there are only 3 more proper CU meetings before the end of the academic year! The students have 3 weeks of lecture and then a short break before a few weeks of exams and then they vanish for the summer holidays. I will still spend time with the students but it wont have the structure of weekly CU meetings. I'm hoping that lots of the girls will come to the weekly prayer breakfasts I am planning to have on campus until they go home for the summer. I'm expecting that there will be more time for study and stuff but I am still going to try to meet up regularly with as many of the girls as I can. It kind of depends on how busy and stressed they get with exams though.