Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New term, time to get back into blogging!

Sorry its been so long since I updated my blog. the last few weeks of term and the first few back after Christmas have been very busy despite the students not being around! I've been busy with Team days, study, bible study prep, Relay 2, admin, then the students finally started semester 2 and then I was away for mission week in brum. So things have been pretty good if rather busy!

Birmingham CU mission week was called WhoWhatWhy? and the main speaker was Andy Croft from Soul Survivour Watford. There were lunchtime talks everyday where Andy was speaking about topics such as Who is Jesus?, What is Jesus like? and Why did Jesus die? In the evenings there was a quiz night, chocolate tasting evening combined with apologetics talks and a couple of straight talks. The talks were Why trust the Bible?, Why did God give us free will if he knew we'd mess up? and Why doesn't God make Himself more obvious? These questions were voted for online before the mission week by students at the uni. The talks were really good and numbers were pretty good throughout the week.

I was based with Pritchatts Hall group. They were a really friendly bunch of students to work with. The prayer meetings on campus every morning were rather early for me (8am start) but really encouraging to see so many people there praying and to here stories of what God was doing throughout the week. Was an exhausting week! Whilst I was in brum I also had a great time catching up with friends mostly at the weekends.

Got a couple of weeks of "normality" before ARCU have their mission week. Looking forward CU tomorrow night. Think that's enough writing for now!